Delivering the Next Generation of Immune Nutrition

The Technology
of FURST PROTECT™ in Swine

The Technology

FURST PROTECT™ integrates decades of research into a convenient low inclusion product. We believe in quality  ingredients, quality manufacturing and research-proven technology. FURST PROTECT™ is all of these.

FURST PROTECT™ integrates the highest-quality fatty acids, monoglycerides and natural flavorings and antioxidants providing all classes of swine with critical nutrients and antioxidants to support their gut, immune, vascular and musculoskeletal development.  

Monoglycerides serve as powerful emulsifiers supporting the digestion and absorption of not only fat, but also other nutrients in the food consumed, supporting the needs of the animal.

FURST PROTECT™ can integrate with your regular feeding program of sows, nursery pigs and finishing pigs to help them gain a new edge in health and performance by providing essential nutrients for their immune system.

The technology has been tested and validated in North America, Europe and Asia giving great confidence that reliable and consistent results can be achieved.

FURST PROTECT™ makes the REAL difference; Contact us today to learn more.