Delivering the Next Generation of Immune Nutrition

Exclusive Ingredients

It starts with the best ingredients

In a global ingredient market with manufacturers in North America, South America, Europe and Asia the decision of which source of material to use can become very difficult while balancing cost and quality.

We believe in quality. Consistent animal performance relies on using the highest level of quality of ingredients to provide the animal with key nutrients; therefore, we have focused to partnering directly with core manufacturers in countries that share our values for quality. Our component manufacturing is in North America and Europe and meet the very highest level of quality – a level of quality that is superior to any other globally available.

Security through ingredients exclusive to Furst Animal Heath

To ensure availability to a consistent and stable supply of our technology, we have established exclusive distribution arrangements with the key suppliers of components of FURST PROTECT DIRECT™, and our components are only available through our distribution channels.

Power through manufacturing know-how and on-farm delivery

Any water-soluble product must reach the animal in a consistent and uniform manner; delivering fats in large amounts via drinking water can be very challenging. Especially as we develop liquid forms of fat such as lauric acid or monolaurin, which at room temperature are solid; consider the coconut oil in your food pantry, it is solid because it contains 40% lauric acid.

We have overcome this challenge, and through extensive testing and optimization, FURST PROTECT DIRECT™ produces a highly-stable stock solution that when metered into the drinking water, works with great effectiveness without any issue or interference with the water supply.