Delivering the Next Generation of Immune Nutrition

Delivering the Next Generation of Immune Nutrition



We believe in research that translates from University, Research Farm and other formal research facility studies into live production on the farm. Central to our core is the translation of formal research to practical implementation, which takes time and needs to be done with great care. We believe in real research for real animal production.

Technical Support

Our team of PhD scientists and species specialists are ready to support your needs for determining the optimum manner of enhancing the nutritional supplementation of your herd or flock. Our technical staff stands ready to work with you and/or your veterinarian to integrate immune nutrition into your feeding program. We believe in teamwork.

On-Farm Support

We understand live production, and our staff is highly-skilled and trained to work with you to fully support your overall nutritional and veterinary program for the best results. We can support you remotely, or side-by-side on your farm.