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in Breeding Flock

How To Use FURST PROTECT DIRECT™ in Breeding Herd for Poultry

Breeding Flock

The breeding flock is the base for solid lifetime performance through all phases of production. FURST PROTECT DIRECT™ technology can be used throughout all breeding phases – immediately post-hatch, grower, pre-layer, and layers – supporting the birds’ immune health and lifetime throughput. FURST PROTECT DIRECT™ is a nutritional supplement and driver of feed and water intake, and through this we can enhance resilience to challenges.

Combating Industry Challenges

Antibiotic resistant bacteria- A healthy immune system can help combat issues such as antibiotic resistant bacteria, giving birds the resources they need to protect themselves from the inside out.

Removal of AGP- The poultry industry’s movement to antibiotic-free production and the removal of subtherapeutic antibiotic growth promoters has made birds more vulnerable to enteric and systemic diseases to affect intestinal and respiratory health. FURST PROTECT DIRECT™ will strengthen the innate immune system by providing key nutrients. By strengthening the innate immune system, FURST PROTECT DIRECT™ boosts the adaptive immune, thereby supporting overall performance.

Stress- Poultry are very susceptible to stress. Whether it be disease, heat or environmental stresses, FURST PROTECT DIRECT™ can reduce negative symptoms caused by stress by keeping birds on water and feed.

Heat events- Large temperature changes, especially extreme heat events, will take birds off feed. Producers can keep their flocks on water and feed during extreme heat events by running FURST PROTECT DIRECT™ 2-3 days before the large increase in temperature and for a few days after as the birds adapt.

3 Primary Application Times


Immediately post-hatch/post-placement to get the birds off to the best start, building and supporting their innate immune system, and supporting water and feed intake to maximize growth rate in the critical first 7 days.


During times of stress.


Before, during and after transportation, including pre-harvest transportation.

FURST PROTECT DIRECT™ is most effective when started at the beginning of any stress event; this is a preventative nutritional approach.

Water Supplementation Directions

Immediately Post-Hatch, on Placement
Provide continuously without break for 5-7 days.
Mix 2.5 ounces of FURST PROTECT DIRECT™ / 1 gallon of stock solution, metered at 1:128 into drinking water.
Breeder Flock
Provide continuously without break for 3-5 days.
Mix 2 ounces of FURST PROTECT DIRECT™ / 1 gallon of stock solution.
During Stress Events
Mix 2.5 ounces of FURST PROTECT DIRECT™ / 1 gallon of stock solution metered at 1:128 into drinking water

Known Stress (transportation and forecasted heat events) - 3 days pre-stress continuously through 2 days post-stress
Unknown Stress (disease breaks) - start at first signs and continue for 3-5 days