Delivering the Next Generation of Immune Nutrition

Delivering the Next Generation of Immune Nutrition

The Technology of

The Technology

FURST PROTECT DIRECT™ is the first and only ‘high dose’ water-soluble monoglyceride, fatty acid, botanical, and essential oil supplement on the market. We first developed FURST PROTECT™ as a feed supplement, and after extensive research and development efforts by our research team, we were able to produce FURST PROTECT DIRECT™ a water-soluble form of FURST PROTECT™. This was not a small task, and we are extremely proud to offer FURST PROTECT DIRECT™ to the global poultry industry.

FURST PROTECT DIRECT™ incorporates the highest quality fatty acids, monoglycerides and natural flavorings and antioxidants to provide all classes of swine with critical nutrients and antioxidants to support their digestive tract, immune, vascular, and musculoskeletal development. This technology is essential to helping birds cope with heat stress, disease stress and other stressors in their environment.

Monoglycerides serve as powerful emulsifiers for supporting the digestion and absorption of not only fat, but other nutrients in the feed consumed.

FURST PROTECT DIRECT™ being delivered through water allows a great enhancement in delivery options – for timing, duration of application and ultimately cost of application to maximize benefits to your system.

FURST PROTECT DIRECT™ enhances water consumption between 10% and 30%. Whether with sick, or healthy, heat stressed or thermoneutral animals, water intake is critical. The improvement has even been shown to continue after you stop using the technology. e.g. Sawyer et al. (2019) J Animal Sci 97(Suppl 2): 208.

FURST PROTECT DIRECT™ makes the REAL difference; Contact us today to learn more.

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